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  • Thermal Imaging for Animals Observation

    As climate change and habitat destruction become increasingly public concerns, it is important to educate audiences about the importance of wildlife conservation and the role of human interaction in these habitats. However, there are certain difficulties in animal observ...
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  • Uncooled high performance miniature thermal imaging cores now available

    Leveraging advanced technology drawn from years of experience in numerous demanding programs, Radifeel has developed an extensive portfolio of uncooled thermal imaging cores, catering to the most diverse requirements for a wide range of customers. Our downsized IR cores are designed to address th...
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  • The new generation of drone payloads with multiple sensors for real-time surveillance imagery

    Radifeel Technology, a leading turnkey solution provider for infrared thermal imaging and intelligent sensing technologies has unveiled the new series of SWaP-optimized UAV gimbals and long-range ISR (Intelligent, surveillance and reconnaissance) payloads. These innovative solutions have been dev...
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